Using Email Marketing in Travel and Hospitality Industry = More Reservations and Bookings

Using Email Marketing in the travel and hospitality industry Could help achieve different business objectives such as: Finding travelers to boost reservations Increasing loyalty Providing better customer support According to recent statistics, over 148.3 million people made reservations. For their: Accommodations, tours and activities via the Internet. 57% of travel reservations are made online. A recent […]

What is a Landing Page And How To Make One

Basically a landing page is any web page that you arrive at or “land” on. But it is pretty much understood that a landing page is a standalone web page designed for a single focused objective as opposed to your main website. There are 2 basic types of landing page, Click Through and Lead Generation (referred to […]

Email Marketing Campaign Success in 5 Steps

For an Email Marketing Campaign to succeed it needs these 5 Steps: 1. Choose an email Service Provider To grow and maintain a good email list, you’ll need an email service provider. A good email service provider will include features that will help you build your email list, send your messages and track your results. All […]

6 Important Online Marketing Tips to Build Your Business Online

People that are looking for information on a local store, now search for it online first. For this reason, most business and brick and mortar stores need an online presence. No matter your business, the internet is vital, if you want to grow your business and remain relevant, online marketing is essential. This is because […]

What is Email Marketing and What Tools are Needed?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing using email to communicate to an audience of potential and current clients/customers. It helps you promote your business while building customer loyalty, trust and brand recognition which equals more sales = $$. This is accomplished with an email campaign. An Email Campaign is a set of email marketing messages delivered to […]

What is an autoresponder? And why your business needs one

An auto-responder is an effective email marketing tool. It’s a computer program that automatically answers a request from a subscriber who filled out an opt-in form with their email address on what’s called a ‘squeeze page’. It than sends back an email with information they where interested in or a coupon or free offer. With […]