Email Marketing Campaign Success in 5 Steps

For an Email Marketing Campaign to succeed it needs these 5 Steps: 1. Choose an email Service Provider To grow and maintain a good email list, you’ll need an email marketing service. A good email marketing service will include features that will help you build your email list, send your messages and track your results. All email marketing services include auto-responders. An […]

6 Important Online Marketing Tips to Build Your Business Online

The 6 most important online marketing tips to build your business online: 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO is about making your website visible to search engines. It helps people find your products and services and very importantly – locate you. You need to find what keywords people are most likely to use in search of your products and services. A […]

What’s Email Marketing and What Tools are Needed?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing using email to communicate to an audience of potential and current clients/customers. It helps you promote your business while building customer loyalty, trust and brand recognition which equals more sales = $$. This is accomplished with an email campaign. An Email Campaign is a set of email marketing messages delivered to a targeted audience at intervals. […]