An entrepreneur is a person that can take an idea be it a product and / or service, and take certain risk to make it into a reality.

This means making it a viable product and/or service that people want or need and bring it to market.

If you have a background in your endeavor, a sound plan and capital, you have a much better chance of succeeding.

But the fact is – It’s a lot of work and having these 3 characteristics will help you succeed:

  • Leadership Capability

Founder led businesses have greater success, founders establish a strong corporate attitude, define available opportunities and have the leadership needed to attract investors and employees.

  • Single-Minded Purpose

You have to have the purpose to be on top of every detail. Goals must be set and reached or adjusted and accomplished. You must be obsessed with your company’s success.

  • Resilience

There’s stress that you have to deal with in starting and running a business. Dealing with customers can be great and sometimes an ordeal. You have vendors to interact with, marketing and all your other things needing your attention.

And you need balance. Meaning, remember to take some time out for yourself.


So, If you don’t have these 3 attributes but want the independence of an entrepreneur, work on them. You can make this happen, if it’s what you really want. Being an Entrepreneur can be a very rewarding challenge. Are you up for it!

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See you at the top. Good luck!


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