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Using Email Marketing in Travel and Hospitality = More Reservations and Bookings

If you are in the travel and hospitality business, email marketing could help you acheive different business objectives such as:

  • Finding travelers to boost reservations
  • Increasing loyalty
  • Providing better customer support

According to recent statistics, over 148.3 million people made reservations for their accommodations, tours, and activities via the Internet while 57% of travel reservations are made online.

A recent study has revealed that the travel industry has a high abandonment rate of 81%. The good news is that email is effective in fixing this issue.

For instance: By sending a follow-up email to your customer, you can remind them about their unfinished booking. You can further encourage them to complete the booking by giving them a hard-to-resist discount on the abandoned offer.

Timing is everything with abandoned cart emails. It is recommended that you send it within the first 60 minutes, when the interest is still hot and customers are most engaged with you.

A great advantage of using email is that it’s easy to test strategies using data from your analytics. You can perform an A/B test in your email marketing and identify which email gets better results. Also, by changing the color of your button or the message, you can check which call-to-action performs better.

The digital age has changed the way travelers plan their trips and the way they book them, email marketing is an excellent strategy the travel industry can use in keeping up with this trend.

Follow these email marketing tips for travel and hospitality business you can expect more reservations, bookings, and travelers.

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