5 Important SEO Tips to Local Business and How to Use Them

Why local SEO is such a big deal Shoppers prefer to buy goods and services from local merchants. And If you own a service or retail business, you’ll want to rank high in the area where your business is in. Local shoppers can easily find your website if it uses local SEO best practices. Mobile […]

What is Email Analytics and How Useful is it?

Email Analytics is an effective tool that analyzes your email campaign. It gives you insight into what your audience does after they opened your message. This helps you pinpoint what is and isn’t working in your email campaign. Allowing you to fine-tune the campaign. Your email analytic tool gives useful information on metrics such as delivery, open rates, click through […]

How to A/B Split Test Your Landing Page and Get Better Conversions

  A/B Split testing allows you to analyze two landing pages and determine which one is more effective for your campaign. Example: Looking at the data of your landing page, you observe that the user is only on it for an average of 7 seconds. You come to the conclusion that creating a more compelling […]

Why Local SEO is a Huge Opportunity for Local Businesses 

Local SEO is a Huge Opportunity for Local Businesses as local search is busting at the seams. This is because consumers are using search engines to find local businesses. Millions of customers use local search every day to find the best local businesses in their area. Here are the stats, according to Google: 20% of search […]

How to Choose the Best Email Service Provider for Your Business

An Email Service Provider (ESP) helps you manage your list of leads, prospects and customers/clients. They send regular email newsletters and schedule automated campaigns for everything. From launching new products to turning prospects into customers. There are a number of features to consider when choosing an ESP: Cost. Some ESP’s charge monthly. Others vary based on […]