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Why You Should Grow with LED Grow lights

The tide has turned towards LED Grow Lights as they have improved significantly and with more and more states legalizing cannabis, cultivators and connoisseurs are turning to LED grow lights in significant numbers for their indoor growing.

Growing your own just makes sense. Heck you cut out the middlemen, both grower and distributor, saving $. Plus the added advantage that LED Grow lights use low wattage compared to the less expensive energy-gusslers HPS and metal halide bulbs, reducing energy costs.

Thus the initial investment of seeds, soil, water, planters and lighting quickly pays for itself and becomes economical.

Combine that with the fact that LED Grow Lights produce a quality product with a good yield. And if you’re like me the equally important knowledge that you know where it came from and how, makes it a must do.


Benefits of using LEDs for indoor growing are:

  • They use less energy – Lower power bills
  • Grow healthier plants
  • Produces good taste and scent
  • They last for decades
  • Easy to install

Although some growers still believe that HID lights produce bigger yields per watt, growers that use LED Grow Lights believe they produce higher quality yields compared to HID grow lights.

LED grow lights today have great flexibility and are designed so the light can be directed exactly where it’s needed.

Resulting in plants that have a superb scent, excellent flavor and real potency.

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DC means lower energy use

LED lights operate on direct current or DC energy which is part of the reason for their high efficiency.  An LED driver that converts standard 120 AC voltage to lower amperage for DC is built into the unit.

LED Lights are simple to use with alternative energy sources like wind or solar that already produce DC energy.

What about yield?

LED grow lights for years did not equal the yields of high-pressure sodium. Today’s LED models are much better for growing cannabis than the ones available even five years ago.

But LED Grow Light technology has greatly progressed and with a wider spectrum of light (blue, red ect.) these high quality LEDs provide comparable yields to that of the 1000W HPS bulbs, while consuming less than half the electricity. Along with giving the grower more control over their plants.

LED grow lights today have great flexibility with specialized lenses that direct the light exactly where it’s needed increasing the light penetration to the plants. Resulting in vigorous growth creating greener, healthier, better-looking buds.

History of LED

Light emitting diodes date back to 1960 and were first used in digital and electronic equipment. In the seventies most clocks on radios and appliances were LED.

The Chinese began experimenting with LED’s in the mid-nineties and by 2004 were in the market. In 2007 the first fully LED grow lights emerged onto the marketplace.

Because of the exceptional growth of LED lighting, Phillips, the premier lighting manufacturer completely discontinue development of compact florescent (CFL) lighting in 2008 to fully concentrate on the LED.

Which highly indicates the direction where LED is going.

Why buy LED Grow Lights?

I would say that if you’re concerned about quality and where your herb comes from, then, you’ll want to grow your own.

LED Grow Lights will help you grow healthy strong plants with potency and good flavor. with an inner satisfaction and peace of mind knowing where it comes from (since you grew it).

And because you grow it, you cut out the grower and distributor. Add the energy savings and the lights will pay for themselves in short time.

Keep more of your $$ and get quality. Now that’s sweet.

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