How to Choose the Best Email Service Provider for Your Business

Email Service Provider

An Email Service Provider (ESP) helps you manage your list of leads, prospects and customers/clients.

They send regular email newsletters and schedule automated campaigns for everything.

From launching new products to turning prospects into customers.

There are a number of features to consider when choosing an ESP:

  • Cost. Some ESP’s charge monthly. Others vary based on list size, number of emails you send or features you access. Flat fee is the best.
  • Deliverability. Email marketing is only effective if your messages reach your audience. Consider and opt for a provider with a 90% + success rate.
  • List management and segmentation. The best providers have segmentation for targeted campaigns.
  • Security. Make sure that your ESP takes cyber-security and client data seriously.
  • Sign-up verification’s. Data privacy laws are becoming stricter, it’s important to choose a provider that keeps with the latest regulations.
  • Ease of use. Because you’ll want a good user experience and an easy to use dashboard.
  • Mobile optimization. Most of your customers access their emails with a smartphone. Choose an ESP with good mobile optimization.
  • Templates and customization. Look for features that let you add your logo or has templates that you can customized.

All ESPs have the same basic features and functionality, where they vary, is in policies, and most importantly email deliverability.

Because of this selecting the right ESP is critical to the success of an email marketing campaign and the cost effectiveness of its implementation.

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