The 3 Steps to Successfully Close on LinkedIn

Ready to target your perfect B2B prospects?

LinkedIn is a tool that allows you to targetconnect, build relationships and close deals with your ideal prospects.

(Psst… If you’re not 100% sure who your perfect prospect is, follow these next steps.)

3 ways to determine the demographics of your perfect prospect …so you can target them on LinkedIn (Source: Inc)

  1. Review Your Current Customer Base
  • Do they have anything in common? Title? Location? Size of business?
  1. Research Your Competition
  • Review their website, content and LinkedIn Profile. Who are they targeting? You may learn about a new niche market you can sell to.
  1. Analyze Your Product or Service
  • Who benefits the most from using your product or service?
  • What is the decision maker’s title you need to connect with on LinkedIn?

Are they a:

  • VP?
  • CEO?
  • CXO?
  • Director?
  • CMO?
  • CTO…. Recruiter, Human Resource Director, Manager, Attorney, Marketing Company, Social Media Company, Doctor, Dentist and more…a Speaker, Author, Contractor, Engineer or Nurse…

The possibilities are limitless, right?

What size business do they work for?

  • Do they employ 10 people or 1,000 people?
  • Or, are they self-employed?

Where are they located?

  • You can target prospects using postal zip codes!

Pretty awesome!

OR, you can research keywords such as Small Business Owners, Executives or VP of Sales.

Look for local niches like Cosmetic Surgeons, HVAC Companies, Plumbers, Restaurants, Car Dealers or non-profits.

Make connections with decision makers at Hotels, Accounting Firms (there are 5.5 million accountants on LinkedIn), Chiropractors, Insurance Agents, Fitness Professionals, Real Estate Agents or Brokers, Hair Salons, or Retail Stores.

Hopefully, you’re as excited as we are because…

Searching for your target prospects on LinkedIn is available for everyone!

Let’s pretend that you’re looking for the CEO of Coca Cola and want to communicate with them… do you think you could you find that person on LinkedIn?

Yes, the answer is YES!

Could you find them on Facebook? The answer is probably no, right?

B2B targeting on LinkedIn is unlike any other social media platform that exists.

Now that you’ve identified your perfect demographic and are targeting them on LinkedIn… let’s monetize your work using a simple strategy that will help you close more sales.

The 3-Step Strategy to Successfully Close Deals on LinkedIn

  1. Connect with your ideal targets
  2. Message them to lock in an appointment
  3. Speak to them on the phone or in person and close the deal

This is the exact same strategy that we taught, Joel Helfer (one of our clients) to implement. When Joel started working with us he only had 50 – 60 connections on LinkedIn and most of them were his family or friends.

We taught Joel to follow the 3-Step Strategy and have been working with him for over 3 years. According to Joel,

“I now have 16,000 connections, and I pretty much know how to play LinkedIn like a violin. I use it very effectively to connect with people that I’m interested in doing two things with. Scheduling phone calls and then turning those scheduled phone calls into sales. The process and strategy works wonderfully. Thank you, Cory and Ira.”

What Joel did, which was so critically important, was he built both a community and a following of potential prospects and clients. You may have noticed that people who are high performers on LinkedIn all have a community. If you don’t have a community, it’s like trying to drive a Ferrari without gas in the tank…

Time to start using your connection power! 

Contact me today to find your perfect leads.

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