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Local Business Email Marketing is Cost-Effective

Email Marketing

Local Email Marketing helps you keep in touch with your clients / customers and key to generating more income and retention.

Local Email Marketing helps you do this economically.

Which is especially good news for those on a small business marketing budget.

Email Marketing is Profitable For Local Business

91% of consumers welcome promotional emails from businesses they have bought or got service from.

Did you know, email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in acquiring customers?

Your local email marketing should focus on building trust and relationships, by delivering the right content to the right audience, at the right time.

Email marketing actually helps build trust;

  • Building customer relationships with credibility to stay top of mind.
  • Improve in acquiring clients and retention.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Get more referrals.
  • Drive website traffic.

Email marketing is low-cost, easy to start and works on all devices that have internet.

An added plus, is if you promote the right offer to the right audience, you’ll generate immediate results and get an income boost with minimum effort. A good thing.

Here’s how to get a High ROI

ROI Image

Use Mobile-Friendly Templates

Benchmarkemail offers mobile-friendly templates. Just make sure to send out a test email first to be sure you got it right.

Most consumers read their emails on their smartphones, so make sure they’re able to read yours on theirs to take immediate action.

Having a call-to-action with a phone number so recipients can call you with one tap is smart move.

So much email comes to most of your audience inboxes, that your real fight is to get read.

Be sure to include local keywords in your subject lines.

The subject line of an email is a very important element, as it captures the attention of your reader.

This is why you need to communicate the importance of your message’s immediately in your subject line.

To do this, use subject lines that are related to the local area, mention local events and include local keywords to communicate the content’s relevance increasing the open rate.

It’s usually a smart move for a local business to have a site, particularly a Lead Generating Landing Page.

A lead generating landing page is important to your local business email marketing strategy.

This is because it focuses on one thing only, lead generation. a very productive move.

Getting traffic


There are many ways to drive traffic to your site.

For local business, probably using Yelp is one of the best options.

Also, make sure you have a presence with Google My Business, soon to be Google Business Profile. Make sure to claim it and your Yelp, then optimize them.

Your website should be optimized for lead generation with voice or text messaging for when your traffic gets there.

Use Email Automation To Send Personalized Offers

Benchmarkemail has automation features that allow you to trigger email sequences based on different criteria.

This highly personalized content can help increase your open rate by 29% and click through rate (CTR) by 41%.

For instance, if you provide a recurring service (e.g., nails, hair) set up email reminders to your client.

The should be sent automatically every 2-3 weeks after their last appointment, with a link to schedule their next service.

Share Relevant And Valuable Content

Content Image

Sharing helpful and timely information is an excellent way to add value, stay top of mind and build relationships, while positioning yourself as an expert and boosting your credibility.

Also, sharing fresh content makes it possible to send more emails without coming off salesy or like junk email.

Segment Your List

Segmentation can help increase email open rate by 14% and click-through rate (CTR) by as much as 100%.

This is because it lets you send relevant content and offers to segments of your list, that are at different stages.

This will help increase engagement and conversion.

There are different ways to segment your list.

One way to segment your list, is to send special offers to new prospects or clients not heard from for a while to generate some immediate sales.

Make It Easy To Join Your List

List Image

Driving traffic to your website via social media, paid ads, or SEO is essential.

You also need to ensure that your website is optimized to capture leads once they get there.

To increase the ROI of your email marketing efforts, you need to grow your list with high-quality leads.

Driving traffic to your website via social media, paid ads, or SEO is essential, you also need to ensure that your website is optimized to capture leads once they get there.

For instance, a call-to-action that is highly visible, with the option to leave a voice or text message on your site.

This is great for most service businesses and many retail stores.

If you attend local events, such as those hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, it’s a good idea use to a tablet, so potential leads can enter their information directly into your email service.

This smooths out the process and avoids illegible information. (20% of new subscribers are lost due to bad handwriting!)

Ask For Reviews

Review image

Most consumers do their research on the internet before engaging with a local business.

So, it makes sense to build a good online reputation:

Making it wise to set up an automated email to every client / customer and ask for a review, after a purchase or service performed.

By getting good ratings on third-party reviews sites, such as; Google & Yelp, you increase your credibility and inspire trust in prospects.

Include links in your email of your profiles in these third-party sites, to your clients / customers for them to submit their reviews.

Add A Personal Touch

As a local business, you’re probably the face of your company. Your clients have interacted with you and trust you.

So, Add a personal touch and take advantage of this personal connection to strengthen your client relationship.

For instance, you can include a personal note in your email newsletters, use a conversational tone that reflects your personality.

Sign off using your first name and add a photo of yourself or your team in the signature.

Be Consistent With Your Mailing Schedule

Schedule image

In order to stay top of mind, you need to maintain the connection with your audience by showing up consistently.

Whether it’s once a week or once a month, set a regular schedule and commit to it.

You don’t need too much content in your emails for them to be effective.

Include a helpful article, a couple of announcements (e.g., events, special offers) and maybe an employee spotlight should be

Use the power of word of mouth marketing.

Encourage your subscribers to share your newsletters with their friends and neighbors. Remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t receive!

Email messages with social sharing icons get 158% more clicks, so make sure to include them in your template.

Benchmarkemail allows forwarding and social share buttons in the footer area.

Relationships are the key to the success of local businesses


Make your subscribers feel special by letting them know about your new offerings or special offers before they become public.

For instance, send out an exclusive coupon code to your subscribers or announce a special offer a few days ahead of time to your list.


A local business must tailor its email marketing strategy to suit its targeted market.

To know what works and what doesn’t, you have to analyze your metrics and do email A/B tests.

For instance, find out what subject lines work best and what day/time of the week is best to get maximum engagement.

Your email marketing strategy should be an important part of your lead generation efforts.

Use SEO tactics, online ads and an optimized website that brings traffic and capture leads.

Then build relationships with your leads using email marketing.

I hope this has been of value to you.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, contact me.  

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