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If you offer a product or service online, make sure to include potential customers from your own backyard. There are many
prospective local clients and customers who might have an interest in your product or service. As most people now use the web for
local searches you’ll want to optimize your site to attract your targeted local clients and customers.

To attract more search engine visitors to your website, enhance it using local keywords used in your business to optimize your
pages. Then submit it free on local online search engine listings.

Google & Yahoo are the 2 biggies. Include your business address, office hours and so on in your information. Add the Google map
link of your place at the very bottom of the page footer.

Local business directories are a great source of leads & traffic, choose one with a good track record.

Be sure to include your website address on your business cards & local mailings. Begin now and you’ll stand apart from your local competitors.

Having Text & Voicemail on your website will not only propel your leads & sales, it will also as importantly help retain your clients / customers.

Find out more here┬áIf you see potential, fill in your information in the box of your preference & you’ll see just how it works


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