Split Test and Boost Your Conversions!

Split Testing

One of the most effective and simplest ways to boost your landing page conversion rate is to split test.

This optimization is also known as AB testing.

Split testing is the comparing of two or more unique opt-in form strategies in a controlled setting.

To choose which one is more effective at getting clicks.

In an A/B test you set up two variations of the one campaign and send them to a small percentage of your list.

Testing and analyze the results:

You’ll get a better understanding what your site visitors and subscribers are responding to.

Thus allowing for optimization of your email marketing campaigns.


Your original / Control (A) headline reads “How To Generate More Leads For Your Business.” 

The variation (B) reads, “Learn The One Secret Method The Experts Use To Generate More Leads.” 

Than after generating traffic to both, you find that the variation (B) produces more conversions than the Control (A).

Since the only difference between the two pages is the headline, you know what needs to improve.

But before you begin split testing, make sure there aren’t any other holes in your campaign that could use some fixing.

Sometimes, your landing page isn’t what’s going to bring you the boost in conversions.

Sometimes only boosting your traffic will, other times, improving your content will.

For instance:

You get 100 people to your site and you’ll have a 20% conversion rate, that means you get 20 people to convert.

You can try to get that conversion rate to 35% and get 35 people to convert, or you could just figure out how to get 1,000 new visitors.

Then maintain that 20% conversion and you’ll see that 20% of 1,000 = 200 is much higher than 35% of 100 = 35.”


Find the conversion rate of your page and decide your course of plan.



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