Video marketing for service businesses is a very effective strategy and should be a part of your content marketing if you have it.

Think about when you google something of interest to you and you see there’s a video on it, what do you do? Probably watch it,
right? There lies the power of video, when people google something and it comes up on video, they usually go there. So..if you have
a nice! You have a winner.

And if you put that video on YouTube with the right keyword researched title, description and tags, then place it as an event on YouTube, you have a pretty good chance of it ranking. Ranking gets you more views by the
right people, looking for your service. Meaning, more people calling you, more people coming though your business door.

The video you’re seeing is the style your customer will see. I’ll need a script, a post or article of your business is good. If you have one,
great, or I can make one for you. I can also add voice to it and I’ll make you a thumbnail for it(very important). I can provide this for you very reasonably.

If this sounds interesting to you text me at: 626 483-1055 and we’ll set up a discovery call. Thanks for watching. See You!

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